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Introducing Tyche's casualty underwriting platform. 

Tyche is an interactive platform that allows casualty underwriters to assess casualty risk like never before. By blending risk-relevant, open data with machine learning, Tyche uncovers the true factors driving the risk of each submission, and provides an interactive explorer for underwriters to turn casualty factors into actionable insights to drive better underwriting judgment.

And through the Tyche API, carriers can access claims avoidance models that can concentrate over 30% of future claims into less than 1% of policies that would otherwise be bound under a carrier's existing underwriting standards, allowing carriers to dramatically improve their bottom lines by declining the riskiest fraction of their books.

How it works

Tyche's casualty platform improves your loss ratios through more intelligent use of data.

1 Tyche blends open data and proprietary data to discover thousands of "casualty factors."

2 Tyche tests those casualty factors against data provided from either you or your reinsurer to find correlations.

3 Tyche builds predictive claims avoidance models that provably outperform your current underwriting practices, and then serves those models to you for integration via API or interactive platform.

Tyche helps you avoid claims through better prediction. Period.

Tyche operates three versions of its casualty platform: closed pools, contributory pools, and reinsurance pools.

A closed pool permits a client to improve its profitability and underwriting performance using only open data and its own proprietary data. No client data is ever shared from a closed pool.

A contributory pool permits clients to contribute anonymized intelligence to a shared pool of industry peers for further predictive improvement.

A reinsurer pool permits a casualty reinsurer to provide predictive intelligence to its cedents, with no up-front data contribution required from its cedents.

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The Tyche platform is hosted in a secure grade analytics environment. All of your historical and usage data is encrypted in transit and at rest. The Tyche platform is audited and is compliant with industry-standard data storage practices.


After assessing your current underwriting systems, the Tyche team can deploy the platform interactive toolkit tomorrow, and can help your team integrate its API within weeks. No more years-long implementation cycles.


The Tyche platform just works. We've put the user at the center of everything we do. Come see for yourself with a free trial.


From $900 / desk / month

For carriers needing more than one desk, but without API model integration, Tyche Pro is a great option.


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